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October 8, 2014

Letter to 6th Grade Parents – Band Class

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Dear 6th Grade Parents,

The band class will begin on September 16th. The students were assigned an instruments for class.  If your child __________________________ already has an instrument then he or she will be playing that instrument. Your child will be playing the ____________________. Your child already having an instrument helped facilitate the class being a band class.  Although I have acquired some instruments over the years there is still not enough instruments for an entire class so thank you for helping to make this happen. Your child must bring their instrument to class every Tuesday and Thursday.

If your child _____________________________ is using a school instrument then he or she will be playing the _____________________.

The students will play this instrument for the entire school year. If you would like for your child to play another instrument I have attached information to this letter on how to rent or purchase an instrument.

For students who are using a school instrument I am recommending that they purchase their own mouthpiece. I have a representative from Quilan and Fabish Music Company who will deliver the mouth piece to the school. The prices are as follows:

Clarinet mouthpiece – $19.95-$40.00

Alto Saxophone mouthpiece – $14.75-$54.00

Cornet Mouthpiece – $18.00-$29.95

Trumpet Mouthpiece – $18.00-&35.00

Baritone Horn & Trombone Mouthpiece $34.00

Tuba Mouthpiece – $46.00

Drum Sticks $5.00 a pair.

Each student who is playing the drums must have their own pair of sticks.



These are the prices I recommend for beginners. You can buy a more expensive mouth piece or drum sticks. You can check The Quilan and Fabish website. Click on supplies and scroll down to mouthpieces. I will take orders for mouthpieces on Thursday September 18th.  Please indicate the mouthpiece and the price you would like to pay. Write the students name and sign your name.

The students are excited about the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument.  My expectation is that the students put forth an effort and try.

If the students follow instructions, participates and puts forth the effort to learn how to play the instrument this will be an exciting, fun and productive experience. The following rubric will be used when assessing the students.

The students can earn 5 assignment points every class period.

  1. Come prepared to class. Bring pencil, paper, music folder, instrument (if you are using your own instrument) to class.
  2. Assemble the instrument as instructed.
  3. Make every attempt to play the instrument as instructed.
  4. Take care of the instrument when it is in your possession.
  5. Pay attention and follow all instructions and rules.

If a student is using their own instrument and they do not bring it to class they will not receive the first 4 points.

This is a beginning band class and I will be teaching the students how to play the instruments. For those students who are more advance on their instrument, they will have opportunities give demonstrations to the class and their section and possibly serve as section leaders.

If students would like to be a part of the Lenart school band they must come to beginning band practice after school on Tuesdays from 2:45-4:00. Please see the attached form.

I’m very excited about the opportunity to expand your child’s knowledge of love of music.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.



This is worth 5 homework

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