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September 15, 2014

Recorders, 6th Grade Band class, After school Band rehearsal, Syllabus, rubric

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All students in first through 8th grade should have a recorder. Students are required to have their recorder on the following days.

First Grade – Friday   Second Grade-Thursday    Third Grade-Wednesday   Fourth Grade-Wednesday    Fifth Grade-Thursday    Sixth Grade-NA    Seventh Grade-Friday   Eighth Grade-Wednesday

Sixth Grade will not use recorders this year. The music class is a band class.

6th Grade Band Class

The 6th grade band class begins this week.  The students will begin playing instruments this week.  There will be additional information regarding the 5th grade band class soon.

After school band rehearsal 

After school band rehearsal begins this week

Advanced Band – Monday

Beginning Band – Tuesday

Jazz Band – Wednesday

Syllabus, Rubric

Students in third through eighth grade received to syllabus and participation rubric for music class last week.  The items must be signed and returned by the student and parents.  Grades 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th were due last week. Third grade is due Wednesday 9-17 and 7th grade is due Friday 9-19.


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